Welcome to the online class space


Welcome to Madame Rose’s online class. With recent events going on, I wanted to create an online space where parents and students could have easy access to material and content.

Though I know this does not replace the classroom space, I do believe that this is a different platform where everyone can learn and grow from.

Parents, most of our assignments will be categorized by subjects (e.g. French and English) where you will simply need to click the title of the assignment and it should bring you directly to the task or project.

I am more project-based in my approach, so students will be receiving guidelines and they will (or should) be able to research and create at home.

For assignments and projects, I will try to break it down as much as possible for students to understand. Nevertheless, I will most likely provide a link with an online explanation of each project (as I do in class).

In my videos and assignments I will try and provide French explanations unless it’s an English project (I will provide a link). However, if parents wish for me to break it down in English in order to better help them during assignments or projects, I can do that as well by sending you a message or a phone call.

Furthermore, there will be an online schedule to keep students in a routine in order to maintain the learning process. As most know, children strive and feel safe during a set routine, so I will try in the best of my ability to create something that makes sense for home.

Also, communication is key, so I will try to keep you guys posted through email and you can feel free to also contact me this way or by text messaging (I will try our best to reply as quickly as possible). Every student has a different rhythm when they do projects, so taking this into consideration, I’ll try to provide extra content for them to do if ever.

Lastly, this will definitely not be perfect, and it will be harder to assist students in need who are not in the classroom with me learning, but I still believe that together we can pull this off and grow collectively.

Cheers to all of you.